High-quality visual design for the best possible passenger experience 


Good design can make an escalator or movingwalk more than just a way to keep people moving. Our designs are both eye-catching architectural elements and important sources of lighting, aiming to perfect their form just as much as their function.


1. Innovative and practical lighting solutions


Add the final touch to your escalator design with innovative cladding and signalization solutions a simple and stylish way to ensure passenger safety and provide clear guidance, even during heavy traffic


2. Visually appealing and durable components


Our escalators are equipped with attractive, hard-wearing front plates, guards, and access covers for a visually appealing and durable finish.


3. Wide range of design options


Innovative finishes, such as textured and patterned cladding materials, can be combined with lighting solutions to create a stunning and unique design.


4. Custom design expertise


We can help you realize your architectural vision by working together to create customized escalator specifications for your premises.