We hammer at technological innovation and application in elevator field , leading the elevator equipment industry to march into the international echelon, and becoming a leader for industrial development.

Create an urban humanity, science and technology and green cards with our power grid equipment.

win-win cooperation, resolutely continuous improvement.

Key Values:
Behave in all conscience, and handle affairs with passion.

Organizational Values: 
Live a harmonious life             Gain lawful benefit 
Suffer for good fortune            Feel deeply grateful in mind 
Devote to learning                 Fulfill the duty

Team-work Philosophy:
Group interest is higher than individual interest 
Mutual trust is the basis for teamwork

Talent Philosophy: 
discipline and Social Commitment

Quality Philosophy: 
Keep improving unswervingly and endlessly 
Customer philosophy: Customers are our friends, the only reason for our existence is to highly efficiently create value for them 

After-service Philosophy:
Spare no efforts heart and soul

Brand Philosophy: 
High quality, high reliability, internationally advanced technology, beautiful and novel appearance